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Photo: Rex Caffey, Ph.D. Rex H. Caffey, Ph.D.

Professor and Director
Center for Natural Resource Economics & Policy
Department of Agricultural Economics
179 Woodin Hall
Louisiana State University
Baton Rouge, LA 70803
Phone: 225-578-2393

Dr. Rex H. Caffey is a Professor of Natural Resource Economics in the LSU Department of Agricultural Economics. Since 1998 he has coordinated the state-wide extension program in Wetland and Coastal Resources for the LSU Agricultural Center and the Louisiana Sea Grant College Program. In 2003, Caffey became the founding director of the LSU Center for Natural Resource Economics and Policy (CNREP). This research and extension cooperative fosters the interaction of socioeconomic professionals to address natural resource management challenges in Louisiana and the nation. CNREP currently has 24 active members from 8 institutions across the southeastern U.S. The center’s current activities, funded at $10.1 million over the past 8 years by 43 public and private sources outside the University, has led to the emergence of CNREP as a primary source of socioeconomic expertise for state and federal agencies in the Gulf coast region.

Areas of work: Economics of coastal restoration; coastal fisheries management; natural resource valuation, sustainability modeling, economic development and project feasibility.

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