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Photo: Francisco X. Aguilar , Ph.D.Francisco X. Aguilar , Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Department of Forestry
School of Natural Resources, University of Missouri


Francisco X. Aguilar, a native of Ecuador, earned an M.S. in Agricultural Economics and a Ph.D. in Forestry from Louisiana State University. Aguilar's research interests include the study of spatial phenomena occurring in the Forest Industry. His work has focused on the application of Cluster and Location Theories to analyze the Forest Industry in the United States and extended to the impact of conservation programs in preventing tropical forest degradation and deforestation. Aguilar has studied the development and expansion of environmental certification programs in the global marketplace. In particular, he has focused on the potential adoption of a common global code of conduct for sustainable forest management. Aguilar's interest in consumer preferences lies in his belief that a better understanding of purchasing preferences is key to promoting sustainable consumption patterns. Given the current need for the development of biomass energy sources, Aguilar investigates the potential for forest resources to contribute to the production of sustainable renewable energy. Aguilar's diverse portfolio of research interests is grounded in his desire to enhance peoples' well-being and to contribute to the efficient use of the world's natural resources.

Areas of work: Spatial analysis of natural resource-based industries; forest industry corporate responsibility and environmental stewardship programs; consumer preferences for forest products; forest sector economic development

Curriculum Vitae

Website: www.snr.missouri.edu/forestry/faculty/aguilar-f.php


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